Aliko Collins Project

Aliko Collins Project

Stephaney Davis is the founder of Connection To Creativity a company .
that inspires kids to read through creative initiatives.
I would like to
invite you to join us in the Aliko Collins Project: Leaving a Legacy of
Literacy for the Next Generation. On January 22 my son Aliko would have been celebrating his birthday. In memory of him, I would like to pay a 
tribute to him by asking you to help us Stand up Against Illiteracy by
donating one book to a random child to inspire them to read and to value
a good education and it is the foundation on which a great future could
be built.

Aliko was raised in a situation that he viewed as hopeless and that he thought no one cared. At an early age, 12 years old as a matter
of fact, Aliko started to have panic attacks and questioned each day why it had to happen to him. He struggled through school due to the toxic
home environment he was in.

After extracting him from the toxic environment I saw the reason why he did not excel in school; he was not good at reading hence the reason I
started Connection To Creativity – to inspire kids to understand the magic of reading. We believe kids learn differently and reading helps to
develop creativity. Kids also remember an act of kindness.

Share your pictures with us of you donating a book to a child and help
us to build the Aliko Collins Foundation A Voice Of Hope . For further

information email us at

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